Emmaus Board Contacts

Board Member Board Position
Greg Batson Nominations
Bob Boast Treasurer
Mitzi Brammer Secretary
Dale Broeker Facilities
Ken Cieslak Newsletter/Face to Face
Sue Di Piano Study Table
Brad Dush Community Spiritual Director
Toni Gains Chrysalis
Laura Hill
Bridget Janis, 72-hour Prayer Vigil
Jeff Jeude Registrar
Tina Johnson Worship Leader
Al Kremer Community Lay Director
Nathan McKie Past Community Lay Director
Rick Oliver Assistant Community Lay Director
Bill Schnackenberg Assistant Spiritual Director
Charlie Riechers Trailer/Supplies
Bob Vallely Music
Brian Thomas Webmaster

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  1. my name is Lori Tucker. I was on Walk 154. My husband James Tucker was on walk 157. Is it possible to see the history of Emmaus walks to update our records in this area. It appears the last records we can find were dated 2004. Please let us know how to update our records. James would like to start monthly meetings in this area (Piedmont, MO) again.

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